Saturday, 13 September 2014

UGC NET question

Questions 46 to 50 : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. The terms “concept” and “construct” have similar meanings. Yet there is an important distinction. A concept expresses an abstraction formed by generalization from particulars. “Weight” is a concept : it expreses numerous observations of things that are more or less “heavy” or “light”, “Mass”, “energy”, and “force” are concepts used by physical scientists. They are, of course, much more abstract than concepts such as “weight”, “height”, and “length”. A concept of more interest to readers of this book is “achievement”. It is an abstraction formed from the observation of certain behaviours of children. These behaviours are associated with the mastery or “learning” of school tasks - reading words, doing arithmetic problems, drawing pictures, and so on. The various observed behaviours are put together and expressed in a word-”achievement”. “intelligence”, “aggressiveness”, “conformity”, and “honesty” are all concepts used to express varieties of human behaviour of interest to behavioural scientists. A construct is a concept. It has the added meaning, however, of having been deliberately and consciously invented or adopted for a special scientific purpose. “Intelligence” is a concept, an abstraction from the observation of presumably intelligent and non-intelligent behaviours. But as a scientific construct, “intelligence” means both more and less than it may mean as a concept. It means that scientists consciously and systematically use it in two ways. One, it enters into theoretical schemes and is related in various ways to other constructs. We may say, for example, that school achievement is in part a function of intelligence and motivation. Two, “intelligence” is so defined and specified that it can be observed and measured. We can make observations of the intelligence of children by administering intelligence test to them, or we can ask teachers to tell us the relative degress of intelligence of their pupils. (dec 05)- 46. According to the paragraph “intelligence” is a (A) Concept (B) Construct (C) Concept as well as construct (D) Concept derived from a construct

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