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M.Ed /M.A. (EDUCATION) Text Books

Books Recommended (English)
1.  Bayle E.E. - Pragmatism in Education, New York; Harper and Row.
2.  Bhatt S.R. – Knowledge, Value and Education – An axiomatic Analysis, Delhi;
Gyan Publishing House.
3.  Broudy Harry S.- Building a Philosophy of Educational, New Delhi, Prentic
Hall Of India (Pvt) Ltd.
4.  Brubacher J.S.- (Ed) Modern Philosophies of Education 54th year books NSSE,
Chicago; University of Chicago press 1953.
5.  Butler T.D. - Four philosophies in Education, London; Harper and Row.Central
Book Agency.
6.  Chaube S.P. - Great Indian Educational Philosophies, Agra; Vinod Pustak
Mandir, Dr., Rangey Raghaw Marg.
7.  Chaube S.P. - Recent Educational Philosophies in India, New Delhi; Vikas
Publishing House.
8.  Chaube S.P. - Western Educational Philosophers, Agra, Vinod Pustak Mandir.
Dr. Rangey Raghwa Marg.
9.  Chaube S.P. And Chaube Akhilesh - Philosophical and sociological foundations
of education, Agra; Vinod Pustak Mandir Dr. Rangey Raghaw Marg.
10. Denton D.E. - Existentialism and Phenomenology in Education, New
York;Teachers College Press.
11. Henderson. - Introduction to Philosophy of Education.
12.  Kabir Humayun. - Indian Philoshy of Education. Mumbai, Asia Publishing House.
13. Kilpatric W.H. - Philosophy of Education. Mac Millan Book Co.
14. Lindsay A.D. - Plato's Republic, London J.M.Dent and Sons Ltd.
15.  Lingam Avinash T.A. & Swami Nathan K. - World Teachers on
16. Mayee J.B. - Philosophical Analysis in Education, New York
17. Pandey R.S. - An Introduction to Major Philosophies of Education Agra, Vinod
Pustak Mandir.
18. Pandey R.S. - Philosophising Education, New Delhi; Kanishka Publishing
19. Radhakrishnan - Indian Philosophy (2 Vols)
20. Radhakrishnan. - The Bhagwant Gita
21. Rusk R.R., The Philosophical Bases of Education, London University of
London Press.
22. Singha Jadunath – Introduction to Philosophy, Kolkatta, New
23. Swaroop N. - Marxism and Education, Boston; Routledge & Kegan Paul.
24. Wynne J.P. - Philosophy of Education in Cultural Perspective.
Books Recommended (Hindi)
1.  ik.Ms;] jke'kdy - f'k{kk dhnk'kZfud ,oa lekt'kkL=h;
i`"BHkwfe% vkxjk] fouksn iqLrd efUnj A
2.  iky] ,l0 ds0 xqIr] y{eh ukjk;.k] enu eksgu  - f'k{kk ds
nk'kZfud ,oa lekt'kkL=h; vk/kkj] bykgkckn] dSyk'k izdk'ku
3.  ekFkqj] ,l0 ,l0 - f'k{kk ds nk'kZfud rFkk lkekftd vk/kkj]
vkxjk] fouksn iqLrd efUnj A
4.  ik.Ms; jke'kdy - f'k{kk n'kZu]vkxjk fouksn iqLrd efUnj Mk0
jk.ksZ; jk?ko ekxZ
5.  ik.Ms; jkeldy - f'k{kk n'kZu vkSj f'k{kk 'kkL=h vkxjk]
fouksn iqLrd efUnj Mk0 jkts; ekxZ A
6.  xqIr y{eh ukjk;.k - egku i'pkR;,oa Hkkjrh; f'k{kk 'kkL=h
bykgkckn dSyk'k izdk'ku 122@145 dY; nsoh efUnj ds
ikl A
7.  pkScs lj;w izlkn ,oa pkScs vf[kys'k - Hkkjr gsrq f'k{kk
n'kZu] fnYyh e;wj isij cSDl A
8.  vxzoky ,l0 ds0 - f'k{kk ds nk'kZfud ,oe lekt'kk=h; vk/kkj
vkxjk HkkxZocqd gkml A
9.  lDlsuk ,u0 vkj0 ,l0 - f'k{kk  ds nk'kZfud ,oa lekt'kkL=h;
vk/kkj vkxjk HkkxZo cqd gkml A
10. ikBd ih0 Mh0 vkSj R;kxh Mh0 ,l0 Mh0 - Hkkjr ds f'k{kk
n'kZu vkSj 'kSf{kd leL;k;sa vkxjk fouksn iqLrd efUnj A
11. ik.Ms; jke'kdy - f'k{kk dh nk'kZfud ,oa lekt'kkL=h;
i`"BHkwfe vkxjk fouksn iqLrd Hk.Mkj A
12. flag ,l0 Mh0 f'k{kk fl}kUr  ,oa n'kZu xksj[kiqj ch0 oh0
izdk'ku A
13. ik.Ms; jke'kdy - egku if'peh  f'k{kk 'kkL=h fouksn iqLrd
efUnj vjkxs; jk?ko ekxZ vkxjk A
14. nqcs vkj ds0 - egku Hkkjrh; f'k{kk 'kkL=h xksj[kiqj izse
ukjk;.k cSty A

Psychological foundations of Education
Books Recommended (English)
1.  Allport, G.W. - Patterns and Growth inpersonality. New York Rinehart &
2.  Anastasi, A. - Psychological testing. New York: Mac Millan publishing
3.  Bernard, H.W. - Psychology of learning and teaching. New York: Mc Graw
4.  Blum, G.S. Psycho-analytic theories of personality. New York McGraw Hill.
5.  Carroll, H.A. - Mental Hygiene: The Dynamics of Adjustment: New York:
Angle Wood Cliffs.
6.  Chauhan, S.S., Advanced Educational Psychology, New Delhi vikas
publishing House.
7.  De cecco, J.P. & Crawford, W. - The psychology of Learning and instruction
: Educational psychology. New Prentice Hall of India.
8.  Dollard, J. and Miller, N.E. - Personality and psychotherapy: an analysis in
terms of learning. Thinking, culture. New York McGraw Hill.
9.  Hall, C.S., Lindzey, G., and compbell, J.B. - Theories of personality New
York: John Wiley and sons.
10.  Hilgard, E.R. and Bower, G.H. - Theories of learning. New Delhi: Prentice
Hall of India Ltd.
11.  Hjelle, L.A. & Ziegler, D.J. - Personality theories: Basic assumptions
Research and Applications. New Delhi,Mc Graw Hill
12.  Hurlock, E. - Adolescent development. New York: Mc Graw
13.  Hurlock, E. - Child development. New York: Mc Graw Hill
14.  Kuppuswamy, B. - An Introduction to social psychology Bombay: Media
promoters & Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
15.  Lazarus, R.S. Personality and Adjustment New Jersey: Prentic Hall.
16.  Skinner, C.E. - Educational Psychology. New Delhi: Prentice Hall of India.
17.  Sorenson, H. - Psychology in Education. New York: Mc Graw Hill.
18.  Wolman, B.B. - Contemporary Theories and systems in Psychology. New
York: Harper & Row.
19.  Woodworth, R.S. - Contemporary schools of Psychology: London Methuen &
C0. Ltd.
Books Recommended (Hindi)
1- tk;loky] lh0 O;fDrRo dk euksfoKku A vkxjk% fouksn iqLrd
2- ikBd] ih0Mh0 f'k{kk euksfoKku A vkxjk% fouksn iqLrd
efUnj A
3- flag] ,s0 ds0 f'k{kk euksfoKku A iVuk% Hkkjrh Hkou A
4- ik.Ms] ds0 ih0 uohu f'k{kk euksfoKku A fnYyh% vferk'k
izdk'ku A

Recommended Readings:
1.  Ary, Donald etal - Introduction to Research in EducationN.Y.: Holt, Rinehart
and Winston, 1972
2.  Best, J.W. - Research in Education, New Delhi: Prentice Hall of India.
3.  Broota, K.D. Experimental Design in Behavioural Research, New Delhi:
Wiley Eastern Ltd. 1992.
4.  Cohen, L. & Manion Lawrence. :  Research methods in Education,
London:Croom Helm,1980.
5.  Ebel, R.L. A. Guide to Educational Research. Boston: Allyan & Bacon. Inc,
6.  Edward, A L. Experimental Design in Psychological Research, New Delhi:
Amerind Publishing co.,1971
7.  Festinger, V. and Katz,D Research Methods in the Behavioural Sciences. New
Delhi: Amerind Publishing co.,1970
8.  Fox, D.J. The Research Process in Education, New York: Holt Rinehart and
Winston Inc,1969
9.  Freeman F.S.: Theory and Practice of Psychological Testing, New Delhi:,
Oxford & SBH pub. Co.
10. Garrett, H.E. - Statistics in Psychology and Education. Bombay : Vakils,
Feffer and Simon Pvt Ltd
11. Gay, L. R. Educational Research – Competencies for analysis and
Application. New Jersey: Prentice Hall Inc, 1996.
12. Good, C.V. - Essentials of Educational Research: Methodology and Design
N.Y.: Appleton Century Crofts, 1963.
13. Koul, L. Methodology of Educational Research, New Delhi: Vikas Pub.
House., 1984
14. Kerlinger, F.N. - Foundations of Behavioural Research, Delhi: Surjeet
Publications, 1978.
15. Levin, J - Elementary Statistics in Social Research, N.Y: Harper and Row
16. Lincoln Y.S. & Gupta E. G.: Naturalistic Inquiry, New Delhi: Sage
Publications Pvt. Ltd.
17. Mertens D.M.: Research Methods in Education and Psychology: Integrating
diversity with quantitative and qualitative approaches, New Delhi :Sage
18. Mouly, George J. The Science of Educational Research. New Delhi: Eurasia
Publishing House Pvt Ltd., 1964
19. Popper, K.R. The Logic of Scientific Discovery. London: Routledge. And
Kegan Paul, 1959.
20. Siddhu, K.S. - Methodology of Research in Education, Bombay: Sterling
Publishers, 1963.
21. Siegel S. - Non Parametric Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences. New York
: Mc Graw Hill Book Co., 1988
22. Singh, A.K. Test, Measurements and Research Methods in Behavioural
Sciences, Patna:Bharti Bhawan (P&D), 1997.
23. Sodhi, A.N. and Singh, A. Research Methodology in Social Sciences, Bombay:
Himalaya Pub. House.
24. Sukhia, S.P., et. al. Elements of Educational Research.
25. Travers, R.M.W. -  An Introduction to Educational Research, N.Y.:
MacMillan, 1978.
26. Van Dalen, D.B.: Understanding Educational Research: An Introduction,
New York: McGraw Hill Book Company.
27. Verma, M. - An Introduction to Educational and Psychological Research,
New Delhi: Asia Publishing House.
28. Winer, B.J. Statistical Principles in Experimental Design. New York: McGraw
Hill Book Co, 1971.
Recommended Readings (Hindi):
1-  vLFkkuk] fofiu& euksfoKku vkSj f'k{kk esa lkf[;dh] vkxjk] fouksn iqLrd
Hk.Mkj A
2- <kSfUM;ky] ,l0& ,oe~ ikBd] ,0&f'k{kk vuqla/kku dk fof/k 'kkL=] t;iqj A
3- dfiy] ,p0 ds0& vuqla/kku fof/k;ka& O;ogkjijd foKkuksa esa] vkxjk] HkkxZo
iqLrd Hk.Mkj A
4- dfiy] ,p0 ds0& lkf[;dh ds ewy rRo] vkxjk] fouksn iqLrd efUnj A
5- flag] jkeiky& lkf[;dh ewY;kadu] vkxjk] fouksn iqLrd efUnj A
6- oekZ] izhfr ,oa JhokLro] Mh0 ,u0& euksfoKku ,oa f'k{kk esa lkf[;dh] vkxjk]
fouksn iqLrd efUnj A
7- lqf[k;ka] ,l0 ih0& 'kSf{kd vuqla/kku ds ewy rRo] vkxjk] fouksn iqLrd efUnj
8- frokjh& 'kSf{kd ,oa euksoSKkfud vuqla/kku ds ewy vk/kkj] vkxjk] fouksn
iqLrd efUnj A
9- ik.Ms;] ds0ih0& 'kSf{kd vuqla/kku dh :ijs[kk] esjB] vferk'k izdk'ku A

Sociological foundations of Education.
Books Recommended (English)
1.  Aggarwal, J.C. : Philosophical and sociological Bases of Education Vikas
Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
2.  Bhatia and Bhatia- Philosophical and sociological foundations of education
Doaba House.
3.  Brown, F.J. - Educational Sociology; NewYork, Prentice Hall Inc.
4.  Chattopadhyaya (ed)- The cultural Heritage of India.
5.  Dewey, J.- Democracy and Education; New York, Macmillan & Co.
6.  Dewey. J.- Democracy and Education, Mac Million Co.
7.  Dhiman, O.P.- Foundations of Education; Lucknow, Atma Ram & Sons.
8.  Durkheim-Education and Sociology.- The free Press
9.  Havinghurst, R,J. and Neugarton, B.L.-Society and Education, Bosten;Allyn and
10. Mathur S.S.- A sociological Approach to Indian Education, Agra, Vinod Pustak
11. Mukherjee, Radha Kamal- Social Structure of Values.
12. Ottaway, A.K.C.- Education and Society.
13. Pandey, K.P- Perspectives in social foundations of Education;Meeruat
14. Rudolf and Rudolf- Modernity in tradition.
15. Saiyadin, K.G.- Education, culture and social order, Asia publishing house.
16. Sen,Srinivas,M.N,Social Change in Modern India,Berkley,The University of
California Press
17. Singh, yogendra- Modernization of Indian Tradition.
18. Sorokin, P.A.- Social and cultural Dynamics.
19. Sorokin, P.A.- Social Philosophies of an Age of crisis.
20. Talcolt Parsons,Societies,NZ Printice Hall Inc.,Edgewood Cliffs.
Books Recommended (Hindi)
1-  ik.Ms;] jke'kdy % f'k{kk dhnk'kZfud ,oa lekt'kkL=h;
i`"BHkwfe% vkxjk] fouksn iqLrd efUnj A
2- iky] ,l0 ds0 xqIr] y{eh ukjk;.k] enu eksgu% f'k{kk ds
nk'kZfud ,oa lekt'kkL=h; vk/kkj] bykgkckn] dSyk'k
izdk'ku A
3- ekFkqj] ,l0 ,l0 % f'k{kk dsnk'kZfud rFkk lkekftd vk/kkj]
vkxjk] fouksn iqLrd efUnj A

Statistical Applications in Educational Research
1.  Edwards, A. L. Statistical Methods for Behavioural Sciences, New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
2.  Ferguson, G. A Statistical Analysis in Psychology and Education, New York: McGraw Hills.
3.  Fisher, R.A. Statistical Methods for Research Workers, New York: hafner Publishing Co.
4.  Garret, H.E. Statistics in Psychology and Education, Bombay: Vakils
5.  Guilford, J. P. & B. Fruchter. Fundamental Statistics in Education and Psychology, Tokyo: McGraw Hill
6.  Lindquist, E. F. Statistical Analysis in Educational Research, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co
7.  McNemar, Q. Psychological Statistics, New York: Henry Holt & co.
8.  Siegel, S. Non Parametric Statistics for Behavioural Sciences, New York: McGraw Hill
9.  Tate, M.W. Statistics in Education, New York: McMillan Co.

History of Education
Books Recommended (English)
1. Altekar-Education in Ancient India, Varanasi, Varanasi Book shop.
2. Bakshi, S.R. Mahajan Lipi- Education in Ancient India New Delhi: Deep & Deep
Publications Pvt. Ltd.,
3. Basu, B.D.- History of Education in India, cosmos publications, 1989.
4. Bertrand Russell-Education and the Good life (Edited by S.R. Ruhela) Kanishka
Publishers & Distributors New Delhi
5. Biswas & Aggarwal J.C.-Seven Indian Education Arya Book Depot, New Delhi.
6. Brubacher-History and the problems of Education.
7. Chakraborty, Mohit-Modern Issues in Education New Delhi:Kanishka Publishers
& Distributors.
8. Chaube, S.P. & Chaube, Akhilesh: Education in Antiant and Medieval India, New
Delhi: Vikash Publising House Pvt. Ltd.
9. Chaube, S.P. & Chaube, Akhilesh: Landmarks in Modern Indian Education, New
Delhi: Vikash Publising House Pvt. Ltd.
10. EBY, Frederick : The Development of Modern Education N.J.Prentice Hall INC
Engle eliffs.
11. Frederick, Mayer-A History of Educational though, Ohio Charles Merrill Books
Inc. 1966.
12. Good Harry, Teller James. A History of Western Education London. The Mac
Millan company
13. Gupta & Pal- Great Education Allahabad.. Kailash Pustak Prakashan Kaiyam
14. Gupta, R.P. & Hussain, Anzar-Issues in Indian Education, New Delhi: Radha
15. Kabir, Hunayun-Education in New India, garage Allen &Union Ltd. Ruskin
House Museum Street London.
16. Mukherjee, Kartick-Under development Educational poliag & Planning, Asia
Publishing Hour.
17. Mukherjee, Radha Kumud-Ancient Indian Education. (Brahmanic &
Buddhist)New Delhi Cosmo publications, 1999
18. Mukherjee, S.N.-Education in India, Today and Tomorrow Baroda., Achraya
Book Depot,
19. Munroe, Paul-Encyclopaedia of History of Education. (New updated Edition
Vol. I,II,III,IV, Cosmo publications, New Delhi.
20. Naik, N.P.-The Education commission and after Bllied Publishers Private
21. Nuruallah & Naik-A students History of Education in India. MC Millan Indian
Ltd. New Delhi.
22. Oad, L.K-Current Issues in Education New Delhi.Young man & Co.
23. Pandey, R.S.-New Dimensions in Education Indian Publishers & Distributors
New Delhi-110007
24. Rao, Digmurti Bhasker-National Policyon Education New Delhi. Discovery
publishing House, -1998
25. Rusk R. Robert-The doctrines of the Great Educators. (Revised & Edited by S.P.
Rahela New Delhi.) Kanishka Publishers & Distributors,
26. Shankhadhar B.M.-Education system from Indias Independence to the present
day. (Edited)New Delhi, Deep & Deep publication Pvt. Ltd.
27. Sharma, R.N.-Indian Education into Millennium. Shubhi publications, New
28. Sharma, S.R.- Philosophy of Education India, (edited & complied ) New
Delhi.Mohit Publication,
29. Thakur, Devendra-New Education policy New Delhi; Deep & Deep Publications.
30. Tiwari, D.D.-Education at the Cross Roads Allhabad .Chugh
Books Recommended (Hindi)
1.  cktis;h ,y0ch0&lkjLor ekyrh&Hkkjrh; f'k{kk dk fodkl ,oa
lkekftd leL;k;sa bykgkckn vkyksd izdk'ku] A
2.  lkjLor ekyrh ,oa enu eksgu&Hkkjrh; f'k{kk dk fodkl ,oa
leL;k;s bykgkckn dSYkk'k izdk'ku] A
3.  R;kxh] frokjh] v[rjtgk¡&Hkkjrh; f'k{kk dk fodkl ,oa leL;k;sa vkxjk
fouksn iqLrd efUnj A

Books Recommeded (English)
1.  Bhatnagar, R.P., Agrawal Vidya-Educational Administration.
2.  Shukla P.D.-Administration of Education in India.
3.  Kimbrough and Nunnary,M.T.-Educational Administration : An Introduction.
4.  Desai D.N. - Outlines of Educational Administration How in India, Ahmedabad,
A.R. Seth & Co. 1964.
5.  Getzxels, J.W. - Educational Administration as a Social Process, New York,
1968 Marker and Row.
6.  Halping, A.W. - Theory and Research in Educational Administration, Collier
7.  Kochar, SK - Secondary School Administration, Jalandhar University,
Publications 1994.
8.  Naik J.P. - Institutional Planning, New Delhi, Asian Institute of Planning and
Administration, 1969.
9.  Mukherjee S.N. - Secondary School Administration Baroda, Archarya Book
10. Safaya R. Shaida B.D. - School Administration and Organisation, Delhi
Dhampat Rai & Sons 1964.
11. Owenss, Rober G - Organizational Behaviour in Schools Prentice Hall, N.J.
12. Boadmein Charles W. - Democratic Supervision.
13. Shikhia, S.P. - Edcuation and Administration, Agra, Vinod Pushtak Mandir.
14. Khan & Khan - Educational Administration New Delhi : Ashish Publishing
Books Recommeded (Hindi)
1. 'keZk vkj , - fo|ky; laxBu ,oa iz'kklu A esjB % vkj0 yky cqd
2. lqf[k;k - fo|ky; iz'kklu laxBu ,oa LokLF; f'k{kk A vkxjk % fouksn
iqLrd efUnj A

1. M.K.Gandhi. Sri Kulpati ji Ke Bhashan. Ahmedabad: Gujarat Vidyapeetha. 
2.  M.K. Gandhi. India of my Dreams. Ahmedabad: Navjivan Trust. 
3.  The Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekawad University Act, 1949. 
4.  The Benaras Hindu University Act 
5.  The Aligarh Muslim University Act, New Delhi: Government of India, Ministry of Education. 
6.  R. N. Tagore: The Universal Man. 
7.  The Visva‐ Bharati, Santi Niketan Central University Act. New Delhi: Government of India. 
11. The Constitution of India, New Delhi: Government of India, Ministry of Law, Justice, and Company
12. Oxford University Act, 1200 AD.
13. H.G. Good. A History of Western Education (1949). New York: The Macmillan Company.
14. Paul Munroe. A Brief Course in the History of Education (1951).London: The Macmillan Company.
15. Crammer and Browne. Contemporary Education.
16. Report of the University Education Commission (1948-49).New Delhi: Min. of Education,
Government of India.
17. Report of Education Commission (1964-66).New Delhi: Ministry of Education, Government of
18. Powar, K. B. and K. L. Johar (Eds.)Private Initiatives in Higher Education (2004).New Delhi: Sneh
Prakashan and Amity Foundation for Higher Learning.
19. Handbook of Indian Universities. (Ppublished every year)New Delhi: Association of Indian
20. Association of Indian Universities. Society, Education and Development (1998). New Delhi: AIU.
21. Association of Indian Universities. Quality Assurance in Distance Higher Education (1999).New
Delhi: AIU.
22. Association of Indian Universities. Accountability and Autonomy in Higher Education (1998). New
Delhi: AIU.
23. Association of Indian Universities. Information Technology in Higher Education (2000). New Delhi:
24. Association of Indian Universities. Value Education in India (2000). New Delhi: AIU.
25. Association of Indian Universities. Management of University Administration (2004). New Delhi:
26. Commonwealth Directory of Universities.(2003) London: British Common Wealth.
27. The Uttar Pradesh State Universities Act, 1975.
28. Rice, A.K. The Modern University, 1970. London: Tavistock Publications.
29. Kapur, J.N. Current Issues in Higher education in India(1975). New Delhi: S. Chand & Co.
(Pvt.) Ltd.
30. Mathur, M. V, R. K. Arora, and Meena Rastogi (1994) Indian University System. New Delhi:
Wiley Eastern Limited.
31. University News,  Association of Indian Universities, AIU House, 16, Indrajit Gupta Marg (Kotla Marg), New

 Guidance and Counselling
Books Recommended (English)
1.  Chauhan, S.S. Principles and techniques of guidance New
Delhi, Vikas publishing House.
2.  Dave, I The basic Essentials of counselling. New Delhi : sterling Publishers.
3.  Erickion, C.E. (Ed.) A. Basic text for guidance workers, New York : Prentice
4.  Jones, A.J. Principles of Guidance and pupil personnel work, New York,
McGraw Hill.
5.  Jones, A.J. Principles Principles of guidance. New Delhi : Mc Graw Hill
publishing company.
6.  Kochhar, S.K. Educational and vocational guidance in secondary schools New
Delhi : sterling publishers.
7.  Meyers, G.E., Principles and techniques of vocational guidance, New York :
Mc Crrow Hill.
8.  Nayak, A.K. guidance and counselling, New Delhi : APH publishing
9.  Pandey, K.P. Educational and vocational guidance in India varanasi : Vish
wavidyalaya Prakashan.
10.  Smith, G.E. Principles and practices of the guidance program : A Basic Text
Book, New York, Mac Millan Company.
11.  Traxller, A.E. Techniques of guidance, New York : Harper and Brother
Books Recommended (Hindi)
1 -ik.Ms;] ds0 ih0 'kSf{kd rFkk O;kolkf;d funsZ'ku ds vk/kkj A esjB%
vferk'k izdk'ku
2 -oekZ] jk0 rFkk mik/;k;] jk0 'kSf{kd vkSj O;kolkf;d funsZ'ku A
fouksn iqLrd efUnj nqXxy ,l0 funsZ'ku vkSj ijke'kZ A p.Mhx<+
vdkneh A
3- tk;loky] lh0 f'k{kk esa funsZ'kuvkSj ijke'kZ A vkxjk fouksn iqLrd
efUnj A
5- Økss ys0 rFkk Øks ,0 funsZ'kuifjp; % vk/kkjHkwr fl}kUr vkSj
iz;ksx A
fnYyh ] ;wjsf'k;k ifCyf'kx gkÅl
6- 'kekZ vkj0 rFkk prqosZnh f'k0 'kSf{kd ,oa O;kolkf;d funsZ'ku rFkk
A esjB % vkj0yky cqd fMiks A

Books Recommended (English)
1.  Anderson, L.W. (Ed.) - International Encyclopedia of Teaching and Teacher
Education, Cambridge University Press.
2.  Adams, M.P.-Basic Principles of studentTeaching. Emas Publishing House, New
3.  Adoval, S.B.-Quality of Teachers, Amitabh Prakashan, Allahabad.
4.  Biddle, B.J.-Encyclopedia of Teaching
5.  Biddle B.J. and Ellene W.J. (Ed.) -Contemporary Research on Teacher
Effectiveness, Holt, Rinehart & Wilson, NewYork.
6.  Berch, M.B. Chaurasia, G. Doyle, K.O. (Ed.)- Communication in classroom,
Baroda, CASE
7.  New Era in Teaching, Sterling Publishers New Delhi.
8.  Evaluating Teaching, Health and Co. Massachussets.
9.  Ebel, R.L. (Ed.)-Encyclopedia of Educational Research Rand and Mc Nally
10. Gage, N.L. (Ed.)- Handbook of Research in Teaching Rand Mc Nally, Chicago.
11. Gage, N.L.- Teacher effeciveness and Teacher Education: The search for a
scientific bases, Palo Alto, California.
12. Gupta Y.K.- Contemporary Research in Teacher Effectiveness, Shree Publishing
House, New Delhi.
13. Flanders, N.A.- Analyzing Teachers Behaviour, Adderson-Wesley Publishing Co.
14. Hall, G.E./Jones, L.J. - Competing – based education : a process for the
improvement of education, Prentia Hall, Inc. – N.J.
15. Holland, F.H.-Teaching the Teachers – Trends in Teacher Education, George
Allen and Unwin Ltd., London.
16. King, Edmund-The Teacher Education, Holt Rinehart Loinston, London.
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1- vxzoky ,l ds rqyukRed f'k{kk vkxjk HkkxZo iqLrd H.Mkj
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